JrGiant Development
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Reusable Components

  • Resuable Comonents for React
  • Stored as NPM modules
  • Using NPM Proxy Verdaccio
  • Stored as MonoRepo with Lerna

Frontend Development

  • Design Using Figma and / or XD
  • Style using Sass, LESS, and CSS3
  • Support frameworks(React, Gatsby)
  • Consum API with Rest / GraphQL


  • Batch / Bash Scripts for common tasks
  • PowerShell for Active Directory / SharePoint Tasks
  • Yeoman for Scaffolding

React Based Apps

Our development team has produced many React-based apps. These apps include JrGiant.Tech, Joshua-Rose Github pages, the GitHub Issues to Excel Oauth app, and a variety of React apps built as SharePoint Add-ins.

Our team has used Create-React-App, Yeoman, and Gatsby as the frameworks to start or power the apps. The majority of the apps consume an API using Rest or GraphQL. Our team uses both JavaScript and TypeScript in the development and testing of the apps.


SharePoint Support

Our development team has more than six years of experience in supporting SharePoint. The primary developer has created development environments through Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure, managed users via Active Directory and GUI, developed/maintained a variety of custom Add-ins, and created custom sandbox solutions.

Our primary developer has developed solutions/app/add-ins for SharePoint 2010, 2013, and Online. He has also created bespoke PowerShell apps for user-to-license tracking, custom JavaScript bookmarklets/console-code for automation of tasks.