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Multiple GitHub accounts and Windows

Windows has a great tool called the Credential manager. It works well when you are using git in the command prompt or through git bash. I used it without being aware of it for years. It seemlessly creates a Personal Access Token for GitHub in the background. It saves you so much time by not having to sign in each time. I recommend using it unless you are on a shared computer.

But wait, what if you have multiple user accounts.

At a previous full time position I had both a personal and a business GitHub account. All was hunky dori until i needed to switch back and forth between the two.

I had to repeat the steps below every time I wanted to switch. Thankfully this only lasted a short time.

Process for switching between accounts.

  1. Open the Credential Manager - in control panel
  2. Locate git@github.com
  3. Delete that record
  4. start a push or pull to github
  5. enter credentials for other account
  6. repeat steps 2-5 to switch back.

Note: you will likely recieve an email each time you change since a new Persoal Access Token has been added to your account.

I hope this helps anyone else who ends up with the same issue.